Sunday, September 8, 2013

Big Universe Learning

I found this awesome website after spending countless hours (well maybe days) scouring the Internet for new ideas this summer. I was pleasantly surprised with what this company offers. After requesting a trial, I was contacted by Cathy Q to see how they cold meet my needs. Initially, I wanted to just test it out. however, it soon became clear that this program would be beneficial in my classroom. After several phone tag events and e-mails back and forth I was offered an opportunity to pilot this program with my kiddos this year.

 I will be blogging about this program and how it's working in my classroom. I'm also going to have guest blogs from my students, so they can share with you their TRUE feelings on how this program helps them succeed in their academics. Check back frequently to see how this program could benefit you , your school, and quite possibly your district. Happy Reading!🍎

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